This modification is the 4th variation where instead of using the time values as hex pairs, I actually convert the decimal value of the time to the appropriate hex value. This is time only (per the original), no date (as most of my other variations include the date).

Links to my variations (and the original I based my varitions on):

  1. Date (YY-MM-DD) & Time (hh:mm:ss) combined
  2. Date (DD-MM-YY) & Time (hh:mm:ss) combined
  3. Date (DD-MM-YY) & Time (hh:mm:ss) combined & expanded to full color range (#000000-#FFFFFF)
  4. This page
  5. Time and date in milliseconds since Jan 1, 1970 with true decimal to hex conversion constrained to the range of #000000-#FFFFFF using the modulus (%) operand. Date and time shown in standard formats