This modification is a 3rd variation where in additon to adding the date (dd-mm-yy) to the time (hh:mm:ss), I also applied a factor (and then rounded to whole # before convering to hex) each channel of RGB, then mapped the RGB to hex pairs (ie 0-255 -> 00-FF). This uses the full specturm of colors available (#000000-#FFFFFF), rather than the limited ranges of 00-54 ([0-31]+[0-23]), 00-71, & 00-158 that otherwise limit the colors shown. Also this increase the noticablity of the color shift every second as the difference between colors is increased.

Links to my variations (and the original I based my varitions on):

  1. Date (YY-MM-DD) & Time (hh:mm:ss) combined
  2. Date (DD-MM-YY) & Time (hh:mm:ss) combined
  3. This page
  4. Time only in true hex value, each part is converted from decimal to hex rather than using the decimal value as a hex pair (as is done in the original provided by
  5. Time and date in milliseconds since Jan 1, 1970 with true decimal to hex conversion constrained to the range of #000000-#FFFFFF using the modulus (%) operand. Date and time shown in standard formats