Variation 5, where instead of using the time values as hex pairs, I actually take the milliseconds since Jan 1, 1970 and after taking the modulus (to constrain it to a max converted value of #FFFFFF) convert the decimal remainder value of the time to the appropriate hex value. This is essentially both time and date mapped to use the full range of #000000 to #FFFFFF.

Links to my variations (and the original I based my varitions on):

  1. Date (YY-MM-DD) & Time (hh:mm:ss) combined
  2. Date (DD-MM-YY) & Time (hh:mm:ss) combined
  3. Date (DD-MM-YY) & Time (hh:mm:ss) combined & expanded to full color range (#000000-#FFFFFF)
  4. Time only in true hex value, each part is converted from decimal to hex rather than using the decimal value as a hex pair (as is done in the original provided by Update 2017-12-12: The site appears to be defunct now.
  5. This page